MAY 23-29- Puerto Viejo COSTA RICA

with Narayani Whittington ERYT500
& Trey Barefoot

Dare to embark on a life-changing adventure and find yourself in a tropical paradise where international yoga retreat leaders, Noelle and Trey, guide you on a journey of transformational fun and relaxation.

  • MORNING: Wake up every morning to energizing Live Music Yoga Classes held on a 2-story yoga shala with a clear view of the Caribbean sea.
  • AFTERNOON: Spend free time any way you like, lounge in a hammock, play on the beach, or rent a bike to explore miles of beach-side roads.
  • SUNSET: Restore in the evening with Candlelight Yoga, then journey into town each night for dinner with our group.

    DIVE: into nature

    HIKE through mountain jungles teeming with Howler monkeys, cute sloths, and giant Blue Morpho butterflies.
    WANDER through a native cacao forest on a guided tour, then sample all of the local handmade artisan chocolate.
    UNITE “pura vida” style as we venture out to dine in the magical atmosphere of Puerto Viejo’s colorful and diverse restaurants.

    UNLEASH your tribal side at our group drum circle where we get together for epic sunsets over the Caribbean sea.

    6 Day Retreat Includes:

    • 6 nights shared accommodation in a beautiful custom-designed Caribbean-style cottage
    • Daily breakfast buffet and lunch are catered on-site by our retreat center, Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge
    • Daily AM & PM Yoga classes with live music
    • 2 group surf lessons
    • 2 surf board rentals
    • Tons of tours and activities

      A $400 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit secures your spot! The balance of $775 will be due by May 16, 2016

      A deposit of $400 secures your spot.
      Balance of $775.00 due by May 16, 2016
      6 Day Retreat Total PAYMENT: $1,175

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PLAY every morning with Live Music Yoga classes led by Narayani Noelle. Then join us later for Kirtan concerts and Indian Tabla drumming.


SURF for the first time with 2 days of beginner surf lessons from expert surf instructor Dexter Lewis Miller and his awesome assistant, Nena Belen Ocampo.


SPLASH with Trey Barefoot in the Volio Waterfall on the land of the Bribri Indian tribe. Or book a 1-on-1 beginner SUP lesson or tour.


REVEL in the magic of ancient wisdom in a fireside ceremony on the beach, led by native Costa Rican healer Eduardo Miguel Vega.




The retreat is held at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge in a small village called Puerto Viejo. Puerto Viejo is in the far-reaches of Costa Rica’s unique and flavorful South Caribbean coast.


From the US, Canada & Europe you will fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport (airport code SJO) in San Jose, Costa Rica. Over 15 airlines serve the airport including non-stop routes from the US and Canada, a 3- to 7-hour flight.


Flights to San Jose from the USA are usually affordable. Our Reiki master, Sarah Walter, recently purchased Round Trip airfare for the May 23-29 retreat from Myrtle Beach, SC to San Jose for $350 using Cheap flights can also be found using the Skyscanner app.


From SJO airport we will share a wifi-equipped, air-conditioned shuttle that takes us to the doorstep of our retreat center. It’s a 4 hour ride to our magical retreat center, Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge, hidden along the undeveloped Caribbean coast.

As the date of the retreat gets nearer, and guests inform us of what time their flights land, Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge will be happy to organize a shared shuttle specifically for our retreat attendees for around $30-40 per person, depending on how many people are interested. ***Please arrive by 3pm on May 23 (San Jose Airport) to take the shared shuttle.***

Or you can choose to book your shuttle directly through Caribe Shuttle, which is a great company that we have used many times in the past. Read Tripadvisor reviews of Caribe Shuttle.

The Central American airline NatureAir offers affordable flights within Central America.
Caribe Shuttle also offers direct service to Puerto Viejo from Bocas Del Toro, Panama.


Yes, there is wifi in all seven cottages at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge.


You don’t need to be good at surfing, or have experience surfing. We are offering two group surf lessons that are beginner oriented, with the goal of getting you comfortable on the board even if you’ve never been on one before. Our group lessons are led by Nena Belen Ocampo, who is the owner and founder of TuCamino Travel. She is an expert instructor, who will be assisted by Dexter Lewis Miller, who is a native Costa Rican, life-long surfer, and fellow instructor.But if you aren’t into the surfing aspect, we want you to bliss out in any way you like, maybe renting a bike and hitting the road to explore the 10 miles of beaches in the area. Or maybe lounging in a hammock.

No, all you need is a valid passport. Most visitors get a free 90-day visa on arrival. Some only receive a free 30-day visa on arrival. If you’ve been in Africa or parts of South America you are required to have proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination. Confirm details here.Travelers MUST have printed proof of onward air travel before being admitted to Costa Rica.  


You may purchase an upgrade for a private cottage. Please note that the “early bird” discount rate of $975 is based on shared accommodation, and an upgrade to a private bungalow is $50/night extra


Besides the main beach in town, there are four awesome beaches within just 5.5 miles.

Playa Negra is a massive, secluded black sand beach that goes for miles and is lined with coconut palms. It begins just a few meters from where the main beach in town ends.

Playa Cocles is a perfect, white-sand beach just 2.5 miles south of Puerto Viejo town center. It has its own famous surf break called “Beach Break.” Playa Cocles is great because the beach is huge and very wide open, and there is a Jamaican beach side grill there (Just a rasta guy with a big grill on the beach selling Jamaican food.) Note: Puerto Viejo is unique to Costa Rica because it was settled over a century ago by Jamaicans, rather than the Spanish, so the music and food in this area are both zesty! There is also a fruit stand, and our lovely friend Dawn offers massages on this beach, so you can get a surf session, a Jamaican-style lunch, get a massage, and drink a fresh baby coconut all on the same stretch of sand. This is the best wave for beginner surfers, so this is where both of our group beginner surf lessons will be held on the 25th and 27th.

Go two miles further south, and you will find Playa Chiquita. Playa Chiquita is a white-sand beach that is much like Playa Cocles, except that it is totally secluded and quiet, due to it’s not having a famous surf break.

Barefoot Yoga Retreat’s favorite beach in the world is Punta Uva. The water is just a little bit more turquoise than should be possible. Unbelievably, this beach is also secluded. The protection from the coral reef here makes it a great option for snorkeling or paddleboarding, with little or no current. The water here is absolutely clear and sparkling.


Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge is in walking distance, only 600 meters from the beach, and a 5 minute walk to town (Puerto Viejo more of a village than a town, but, hey) and the town is situated directly on the beach that boasts the famous surf break “Salsa Brava.”


We booked the entire property at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge from May 23-29, just for you. It’s a newly constructed property with 7 beautiful and unique custom-designed open-air cottages built on a hill overlooking the turquoise sea in front of the tiny, flavorful & utterly unforgettable town of Puerto Viejo.These tropical cottages will be shared by 2 to 6 of your fellow retreat adventurers, with 1-3 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms in each cottage. We will be a 10-minute walk to phenomenal restaurants to choose from for group dinner outings. The on-site 2-story yoga platform has a phenomenal view overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 


No, but you do need to be open-minded.

Yoga has very much to do which letting go of old thought patterns, and this requires curiosity, and willingness. This retreat caters first and foremost to adventurers. And adventure absolutely requires the spirit of curiosity. When we are curious enough about the new, to let go of the old, ingrained thought patterns, we then create powerful space for greater awareness on many, many unforeseen levels. Yoga does not require any particular physical shape. You could be washing dishes with profound grounding in the present moment, and be practicing Yoga infinitely more authentically than someone who is making an elaborate shape, yet who is judgmental of the shape of their own or another’s body.

Yoga does NOT mean judging yourself or another based on the shape being made by the physical body. We use focus on the breath as the absolute most important tool of yoga. This is why the poses are linked with the inhale and the exhale. This is, in essence, to trick the mind into focusing on the breath without letting it know that it is being asked to do something so simple. If you can spend some time focusing on breath, then you have the opportunity to slow the mind down enough to lift the veils of illusion. Illusions such as separation, and time.

There is no separation. Everything is infinitely connected and will always be connected. There is also no time, outside of human cognitive illusion. We, and everything else in this infinite universe, are timeless. Focusing on the breath will gradually make us more open minded to ideas and levels of awareness that we reject at face-value.

But if you feel like skipping a yoga class to go surf, we encourage you. If you feel like skipping a surf class to practice yoga on your own, or to take a nap for that matter, we also encourage you. This retreat offers SO many different types of activity, that there is a great amount of leeway for everyone to co-create their own itinerary.

If you take one of the energizing morning yoga classes and a pose or sequence becomes to challenging, or does not serve you, we encourage you to take any resting pose that feels good to you! Do only what feels good and what serves you!


Our group beginner surf lessons are 1.5 hours (you will be VERY tired after 1.5 hours paddling!) and will be held on the 25th and 27th, so you are free to book private surf lessons with our lead surf instructor, Nena Belen Ocampo, on the 24th, 26th, 28th. Barefoot Yoga Retreats is excited about having Nena as the lead surf instructor for our next retreat, and I’m sure she would be happy to pencil you in for one or two private surf lessons.

About Nena: she is a wonderful, legendary mermaid and she founded her own women’s Surf & Adventure company called TuCamino Travel. If you would like to book a private 1-on-1 beginner surf lesson with her, please contact her through


We will have one paddleboard on site and we offer rentals for $30/hour. There’s an amazing snorkeling beach called Punta Uva that is 5.5 miles down the road from Cashew Hill. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and I highly recommend taking the short taxi there to spend a day paddleboarding in the protected reef. The taxi to Punta Uva is $10 from town or $14 from Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge.

We can bring you to Punta Uva for a 1 hour SUP Excursion including an intro lesson, paddleboard rental, and round trip transportation for $75. Barefoot Yoga Retreats founder, Trey Barefoot, gave SUP tours and taught SUP yoga exclusively for several months last year and he is pretty passionate about SUP!