New Videos up on YouTube!

Hello all! My film studio is finally rolling- check it out and subscribe if you haven’t already. I make custom videos too- let me know if I can make one for you, or your favorite Yogi!


My episode on the Dharma Drops Podcast is Live!
Dharma Drops Podcast

I had the great fun honor of being a guest on the Dharma Drops Podcast! My Episode is called “The Professor + The Woo-Woo” and it is packed with hilarious banter between Rebecca Warfield and I. We talk about Kunga Yoga, being a Yoga teacher, a little bit about my background, Mantra, Kirtan, and Bhakti Yoga in general. Check it out if you like! You can listen to it with any of the links below.



A new Podcast episode is live!

Hello lovers!

After a wonderful summer and some free time spent swimming in the ocean, I’ve found clarity and inspiration and cannot wait to pour that into new content for you! A new Yoga Love Podcast episode is live, and in it I discuss compassion, energy, and boundaries. Check it out and subscribe if you feel called to stay in the know about new topics, videos, and eventually online courses!



New Yoga Love Podcast on Self care is up on YouTube!

Check out my new podcast on YouTube! Episode 6 is about Self care, and why it is so important to have down time. Free time might be challenging for some, as it might feel like you are “lazy” or not accomplishing enough- especially when you have endless goals and ambition. However, free time is a necessary part of integration, and recognizing how far you have come. In moments of stillness, we manifest our dreams!